We are an independent agency that believes honest, personal and long term relationships serve us (and you) better than inflated commissions and broken promises. We are an experienced team of professionals with broad experience which allows us to make today's complex insurance environment easier to understand and less costly to manage. While each member of our firm brings individual skills and perspectives, we share an interest in working towards lasting solutions for our clients. We believe that education coupled with action is the best approach.



Chad Murry


Chad has worked in the insurance industry since 1998 specializing in employee benefits for large U.S. based companies and strategic life insurance planning for businesses and high net worth individuals. Chad created Murry Insurance out of his desire to provide an experience for his clients and their employees that could not be found anywhere else.

Chad has worked with large businesses helping them effectively control costs through the use of many alternative funding approaches. He refuses to accept that there is only one way to do things or that you should do what everyone else is doing, and he understands change can create tremendous opportunity. His ability to embrace change has helped him create proprietary strategies over the years that have benefited his clients tremendously.

Chad has been a pioneer in the franchise insurance markets since the inception of the Affordable Care Act. He understood the financial demands the ACA had on franchise owners operating their businesses already on the thinnest of margins. He dealt with the new legislation head on and sought to identify and promote the most cost effective strategies for dealing with the overwhelming financial and regulatory aspects of the law. It was during this difficult time that Chad was instrumental in bringing to the market his proprietary franchise approach which could be implemented for as little as 10 cents on the dollar.

The success of his franchise programs coupled with his passion to help and educate the American business owner drove Chad to form Murry Insurance.

After attending Little Rock Central High and the University of Arkansas, Chad settled in Little Rock with his wife, Toby, and two young sons, Oliver and Max.


Toby Murry


Toby has spent the majority of her working life involved in employer group benefits. Prior to becoming a partner at Murry Insurance, Toby worked at United Healthcare for eight years as an account executive for large employer groups. She worked closely with new customers to create their ideal plan design and traveled throughout the state communicating the benefits to their employees. Responsible for business retention, Toby created strategic growth plans for each customer and worked collaboratively with underwriters on their behalf. She was known for always fighting for the little guy and doing what was right not matter what the cost. Before joining United Healthcare, she was a stockbroker at Prudential Securities in Kansas City. Toby quickly realized she didn't want to trade stocks everyday and decided to specialize in employer retirement plans. She was responsible for, along with her partner, creating the first 401(k) plan allowing employees to invest in individual stocks along with the more traditional portfolio of only mutual funds. This product later became a standard 401(k) offering at Prudential. A native of Arkansas, Toby graduated from Little Rock Central High and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She lives in Little Rock with her husband and two children.